Google Glass


(Source from Google, 2013)


What is Google Glass?

When I looked at this title from Jia Lerk and Yin San’s blog, it triggers my thinking.

For me, it’s just like a combination of camera, video recording, GPS, cell phone or computer may be.

Google glass look like a pair of normal eyeglasses and lens of the glasses is an interactive, Smartphone-like display, natural language voice command support as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity (Webopedia, n.d).

We can take pictures, record what you see and even share what you see with your friends, can get directions right in front of you, speak to send a message, ask whatever’s on your mind and translate your voice (Google, 2013). Watch this video see how glass feels.

All these can be done by hands free. How amazing!

Besides that, I have found out an article: Would Google Glass replace Smart phones, tablets, laptops and PCs?

What do you think? Do you have the same question in your mind??




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