Bloom’s Taxonomy & Twitter

Today I have read through one of my friends, Jia Lerk’s blog post. I found the topic of 22 ways to use twitter with Bloom’s Taxonomy is interesting and trigger my thinking as I never thought that twitter can be integrated in the classroom. For me, Twitter is an application for people to express feeling and ideas. I never thought that Twitter can be used as a tool for children to enhance their learning. But now I feel that it is essential for teachers, even for students as well.Teachers can build their PLN by having a twitter account and connect with others who has same interests or in a same field. This is one of the tools for teachers to share their ideas and resources.

Rao (2013) has listed out how Twitter’s value in the classroom and tie it with Bloom taxonomy.



After reading this, would you integrate Twitter into your classroom activities?




Rao, A. (2013). 22 ways to use twitter with bloom’s taxonomy. Retrieved April 14, 2013, from



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