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Recently my peer blogger Jia Lerk was recommended text2mindmap for mind-mapping. I found out that it is simple and easier tool for us to use. If you still struggling of doing mind-mapping, you should try this!!

This is my concept map of why integrating ICTs into the classroom.

Why is it important??

Young children are unique so they have difference learning style. Technology is a tool which can provide an added option for young children to learn. Learning is a process where children actively build an understanding of the world based n their experiences and interactions (Haddad, 2001). I believe that technology can support and extend learning in a way to increase educational opportunities for children if we used it appropriately.

Technology promotes children’s social, emotional, language, physical and cognitive skills. Social interaction and conversation take place when children work as pair or group. Children also can communicate and interact with others via social software. Studies show that computers encourage longer, more complex speech and the development of fluency (Haddad, 2001). Young children can enhance their speech and communication skill such as taking turn and collaboration with other. Technology engaged more social interaction than the traditional activities. Technology experiences promote verbal and nonverbal skills, problem solving, abstraction and conceptual skills (Haddad, 2001).

As an educator, we need to purposefully plan for equal access by all children. We have to utilize the tools before we introduce to young children. Overall, technology makes lessons interesting and develop their own understanding.

Would you integrate ICTs into your classroom?



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